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Exam 1- 2010

If n is less than 1 do not print anything

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Unformatted text preview: ; endl; (d) for (int i=1; i < 0; i++) { cout << "Howdy!\n"; } CS 115 Exam 1, Spring 2010 Page 4 of 7 Problem 3: 30 points. Write short snippets of code to accomplish the following tasks: (a) Assume: o An integer variable N has already been declared and defined. Your task: o Print the square root of every number between 1 and N, inclusive. If N is less than 1, do not print anything. (b) Assume: o Float variables A, B, and C have already been declared and defined. Your task: Print the mode of this data. That is: o If two or more of the variables’ values are equal to each other, print their...
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