Exam 1- 2010

Exam 1 2010

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Unformatted text preview: value exactly once. o If all 3 values are different, print No mode. CS 115 Exam 1, Spring 2010 Page 5 of 7 (c) Your task: o Prompt the user to type their name. o If they type “none”, do not greet them by name and do not print anything else. o If they type anything else, greet them by name and repeat these steps. o Do not use a return statement in this snippet of code! (d) Assume: o The float variable s has already been declared and defined. Your task: o Compute and print the area of a square whose side length is s (remember that area is the square of the side length). o Format your answer EXACTLY this way: The area of a square with side length _____ is ______. CS 115 Exam 1, Spring 2010 Page 6 of...
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