Exam 1- 2012

Here is an example with sample user input underlined

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Unformatted text preview: the user entered a negative value. CS 115 Exam 1, Fall 2012 Page 6 of 8 Problem 3: 30 points. For this problem, you must write a complete program. That includes a docstring, a def main(), any necessary library imports, etc. Read the instructions carefully before you start coding! If you get stuck, try to maximize your partial credit. Your program should do the following: 1. Ask the user to enter the number of minutes they worked out for 365 days. Here is an example, with sample user input underlined and italicized: Day 1 minutes: 30.5 Day 2 minutes: 45 If any of the user’s entries are negative, print a warning message but continue with the program. You can assume that the user will only enter numbers....
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