A f 1 2 and f 2 1 b f has a removable discontinuity

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Unformatted text preview: tch its graph. (a) f (1) = 2 and f (2) = 1. (b) f has a removable discontinuity at 4. (c) f has a non-removable discontinuity at 4. f (4 + h) − f (4) h→0 h (d) f is continuous at 4 but f (4) does not exist because the two side-limits in lim exists but are different. (e) f is continuous at 4 and the graph of f has a vertical tangent line at 4. 7. In each of the following questions, we list two properties of a pair of function f and g . For each question, gives us one pair of functions that satisfies both properties: (a) lim f (x) does not exist and lim f...
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