Class notes 9.12 - Class Notes PS 220 The Great Depression...

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Class Notes PS 220 September 12, 2007 The Great Depression was very much the deciding event that has established the modern expectations of the national government. Following the great depression the public has demanded a permanent federal role in the economy to prevent another depression. The public also expects the government to encourage healthy and predictable economic growth, and we expect the national government to make our lives better. As a result of the great depression the public has expanded its desires of government for more involvement. New Deal programs were important because they were the first time the federal government had made such a large intrusion into national economy. They were unprecedented in the day, but now legitimate and expected today. A new style of politics were being practiced with the start and implementation of the New Deal policies. It helped bring together different races, classes, brought together the different regions of the United States. This shared national interests helped encourage these changes, and could pull itself out of the slump by unification of an overwhelming majority. This national crisis brought 70% of the Congress to the Democrats control. This lead to more power, competence, and more professionalism in order to accomplish execution of goals. As a result the result of the federal government had to become professional. Local government gave way to state government, and in many ways nationalized in approaching situations with a scientific mindset, and very professional. The national government was given legitimate range to enter new areas of politics. Provided for massive infrastructure buildup. Further facilitation of transportation process from national subsidies. Most construction projects in the United States is built with direct or indirect assistance from national
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Class notes 9.12 - Class Notes PS 220 The Great Depression...

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