Capstone - 08 - Network Formation

What are the weakest links how to slow down virus

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Unformatted text preview: re there vulnerabilities? What are the weakest links? How to slow down virus propagation? How to design marketing/political campaigns? Who is the most influential blogger out there? MA/CS-109 (Azer Bestavros) ? … whose behaviors and properties we need to understand and make statements about! Let’s take an example 4/26/2010 2 I can “imagine” a model of how such networks may form… 5 4/26/2010 MA/CS-109 (Azer Bestavros) 6 Attempt #1: Edges at Random What do we get? [demo] 1. Pick the size of the graph you want – i.e., the number of nodes n you want 2. Pick the average number of neighbors (degree) for a node d 3. For every pair of nodes in the graph – roll the dice and with probability ~ d/n establish an edge between the pair of nodes “ER” Model due to Erdos-Renyi (circa 1959) MA/CS-109 (Azer Bestavros) 4/26/2010 7 Observations for ER Graphs 4/26/2010 MA/CS-109 (Azer Bestavros) 8 Attempt #2: Radom Attachment Graph disconnected when d < 1 and very “quickly” gets connected when d > 1 1. In the beginning...
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