CS109_ Eulerian Circuits


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Unformatted text preview: walk through the town using every bridge j ust once, and returning home at the end. In 1736, Euler solved the long­standing question by mapping the problem to a graph problem, which we examine next. 2. Review the terminology for graphs Vertices (a.k.a. nodes) Edges (Directed vs undirected and labeled vs not labeled) Paths (and shortest paths for labeled graphs) 3. Reduce the map of the town shown above to the undirected, unlabeled graph below. Introduce the concept of node degree (number of edges incident to a vertex). Introduce the concept of a connected graph (a graph where there is a path from any node to any other node ­­ i.e., one can visit every node in the graph independent of the starting node). Introduce the conce...
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