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Unformatted text preview: quot;Page Rank" button, the tool runs a simulation and displays the scores (rank) of the various pages. Notice that if you set the damping ratio to 0.99 you would be getting the proportions of the population visiting the various pages (as we did before). Experiment with both PageRank and Random Walk on a number of graphs of progressive complexity. Here are a number of "proj ects" you can try. You can download these and save them to your computer and then open them up from the PageRank simulator (by clicking on "Open Proj ect" from the file menu). Example 1: 2 nodes (P0 <­­> P1 ) Example 2: 3 nodes (P0 <­­> P1 + P0 <­­> P2) Example 3: 3 nodes (same as Example 2 + P2 <­­> P1) Example 4: 9 nodes Example 5: 9 nodes (same as Example 4, with damping =0.85) Example 6: Google Bomb example (before bomb) Exam...
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