Discussion on Random Walks


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Unformatted text preview: Use the example below (which I showed in lecture but did not solve) to derive these relationships. www.c s.bu.e du/~be st/c our se s/c s109/module s/r a ndomwa lks/ 1/5 2/10/14 Disc ussion on Ra ndom W a lks d. Show that simple substitutions would lead to the following solution Pr(A)=0.44 Pr(B)=0.33 Pr(C)=0.22 e. This analytical approach is good for small graphs, but cannot be used for very large graphs. For large graphs, we can do a simulation that follows the process below: 1. Start with a population of 100 that we divide equally across the nodes. 2. Take one simulation step, moving a...
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