Class Notes 9.17-1 - Class Notes PS 220 September 17, 2007...

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Class Notes PS 220 September 17, 2007 Policy Participants Presidential Expectations Obstacles President Faces Divided government Do not understand Congress Renewal of relationship every 2 years Deal with “Permanent” government Bureaucracy Interest groups Congress Consequences for President role in Policy making limited agenda compromise rely on white house white house staff Executive office of President Appointment to bureaucracy Problems of over reliance on white house President is expected to set agenda and recognizing problems in society and correcting them. The expectations of the president are unreasonable, yet they still exist and are felt to be accomplished. Yet there are mechanisms in place that hinder the president from achieving these expectations. President is not the sole policy participant, and that they do not allow permanent or long term presidential control of the policy making process. In most situations their exists a divided government in which there is party division among the institutions of separated government. The other members can force the president to bend to their will in order to achieve their specific political ends. The president is therefore checked and controlled by a different political party by a separate branch. Congress, at times when the President
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Class Notes 9.17-1 - Class Notes PS 220 September 17, 2007...

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