Observation at any stage during greedy algorithm top

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Unformatted text preview: e that fits. Observation. At any stage during greedy algorithm, top cards of piles increase from left to right. first card to deal first card to deal top cards 3 4 Patience-LIS: weak duality Patience-LIS: strong duality Weak duality. In any legal game of patience, the number of piles ≥ Theorem. [Hammersley 1972] Min number of piles = max length of an IS; length of any increasing subsequence. moreover greedy algorithm finds both. Pf. Pf. Each card maintains a pointer to top card in previous pile. ・ ・Any increasing sequence can use at most one card from each pile. ▪ at time of insertion ・Follow pointers to obtain IS whose length equals the number of piles. ・By weak duality, both are optimal. ▪ Cards within a pile form a decreasing subsequence. decreasing subsequence increasing subsequence 5 6 Greedy algorithm: implementation Patience sorting Theorem. The greedy algorithm can be implemented in O(n l...
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