What is the dependent variable in this production

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Unformatted text preview: udy? [2 marks] 2. What are the independent variables? [2 marks] 3. What does the R2 means? Use the result. [2 marks] 4. What does the F-statistics mean? Use the result. [2 marks] 5. What does the t-statistics mean? Use the results. [2 marks] 6. Using Model A, provide an economic interpretation for each of the coefficients. [2 marks] 7. Using Model A, calculate the relevant elasticities when capital = RM20,000 and labour = 800 man-days. [2 marks] 8. Which is the better model: Model A or Model B? Why? [2 marks] 5 BMME5103/SEPT 07-F/KN 9. Using Model B, determine the relevant elasticities. [2 marks] 10. Determine the return to scale. Is it decreasing, increasing or constant returning to scale? [2 marks] MODEL A Variables Entered/Removed (b) Variables Model 1 Variables Entered Removed Labour, Method . Enter Capital(a) a All requested variables entered. b Dependent Variable: Production Model Summary Std. Error of Adjusted Model 1 R .9...
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