Lab 1 - To Professor Li Mechanics of Material Instructor...

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January 16, 2007 To: Professor Li Mechanics of Material Instructor From: Patrick McAdams (AA) Student Test Engineer Re: Strain and deflection for loaded beams Summary: This memo goes over the meaning and validity of the strain and deflection measurements two beams with different cross sections loaded with a point source. Strain gages and a deflectometer were used to measure strain and the beam’s deflection, respectively. Using these measurements and beam equations, we were able to calculate stress, strain, and deflection and compare these to literature values. This experiment confirmed many of the relationships between variables within the realm of loaded beams. Most of the results are within 10%. There are, however, some values which were almost 50% off. There are a few reasons why this may have occurred including an error in instrumentation or measurement and mathematical relationships that do not take into account other variables such as the weight of the beam. Introduction: Understanding the way in which beams react to forces is important in many applications throughout our engineered world. Stresses, strains, moments all play a part in how beams handle loads. The measurements taken coupled with a background in how these measurements relate to material properties, stresses, strains, and moments allows us to determine just how accurate
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This note was uploaded on 04/08/2008 for the course ME 354 taught by Professor Jiangyuli during the Winter '07 term at University of Washington.

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Lab 1 - To Professor Li Mechanics of Material Instructor...

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