COGS 101C - SRS 5 - Sample Solutions

Bergen during offic e hours or dis c us s ion s ec

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Unformatted text preview: ergen during offic e hours or dis c us s ion s ec tion. Q1: T he authors pre se nt two re asons that innate archite cture or timing could not prov ide a basis for Univ e rsal Grammar. De scribe the se two re asons, in one se nte nce e ach. Two reas ons the authors provide agains t innatenes s are that gros s arc hitec tural bias es do not c ontain the c oding power required for s om ething as detailed as gram m atic al knowledge. The other reas on is that the rules of growth appear to operate ac ros s different s pec ies to a rem arkably s im ilar degree. Q2...
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