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Q2 summariz e one of the classical argume nts for

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Unformatted text preview: : Summariz e one of the classical argume nts for innate knowle dge pre se nte d by the authors (1 se nte nce ). In anothe r se nte nce indicate whe the r or not you agre e with the ir conclusion about it and why you do/don’t (1 se nte nce ). One of the c las s ic al argum ents for innate knowledge has to do with behavioral s pec ific ity, nam ely that languages are unique in their s c ope and nature. I agree that language is unique is its s c ope but that does not nec es s itate innate knowledge of language; s om ething c an be learned and s till quite unique in s c ope....
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