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Q3 t he authors think that adv ance s in ne ural ne

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Unformatted text preview: Q3: T he authors think that adv ance s in ne ural ne tworks prov ide e v ide nce against re pre se ntational nativ ism. In one se nte nce , summariz e one of the le ssons that the y draw from ne ural ne tworks. In a se cond se nte nce , e v aluate the ir claim. Do you agre e ? Why or why not? Advanc es in neural networks have allowed for s ys tem s to be developed that c an learn c om plex artific ial gram m ars in quite s im ilar ways to how c hildren learn language (e.g., rec overing from errors without explic it negative feedbac k). I agree that advanc es in neural networks c an s hed light on how the gram m ar that we us e c an be learned by a s ys tem that only utiliz es general learning princ iples and that this repres ents a huge s tep forward our unders tanding of the m ec hanis m s of how gram m ar c ould aris e. Publis hed by Google Drive – Report Abus e – Updated automatic ally every 5 minutes https://docs.g oog 1G- 1P4QInsdHJhNsUnl0Gr i8XW87YimIwCr f3cKVQtyg 1/1...
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