COGS 101C - SRS 6 - Sample Solutions

If you are uns ure about one of your ans wers talk to

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Unformatted text preview: f you are uns ure about one of your ans wers , talk to the TAs or Prof. Bergen during offic e hours or dis c us s ion s ec tion. Q1. In your own words, e xplain the diffe re nce be twe e n the classical the ory of me taphor and Lakoff's conce ptual the ory of me taphor. (1-2 se nte nce s) The c las s ic al theory views m etaphor as a linguis tic devic e that allows us to us e words outs ide of their c onventional us ages in order to expres s s im ilarity between two c onc epts . In c ontras t, Lakoff's c onc eptual theory views m etaphor as a c ros s -dom ain c onc eptual m apping whic h applies to both poetic and everyday language. Q2...
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