COGS 101C - SRS 6 - Sample Solutions

Q3 in your own words e xplain the diffe re nce be twe

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Unformatted text preview: om ain. Q3. In your own words, e xplain the diffe re nce be twe e n conv e ntional and nov e l me taphorical e xpre ssions. (1-2 se nte nce s) Conventional m etaphoric al expres s ions are c om m only us ed in everyday language and c onc eptually m ap one dom ain onto another. Novel m etaphoric al expres s ions are extens ions of the c onventional m etaphor s ys tem that provide new linguis tic expres s ions that are not c om m only us ed. Publis hed by Google Drive – Report Abus e – Updated automatic ally every 5 minutes https://docs.g oog 1BL8Dc8- M bL3oSLe_LcKYD3X0WzQ3hJP- lt038jvuSSI 1/1...
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