COGS 101C - SRS 7 - Sample Solutions

This s upports the authors hypothes is s inc e it s

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Unformatted text preview: aphor. This s upports the author’s hypothes is , s inc e it s ugges ts that reading idiom s ac tivates related c onc eptual m etaphors , and thus lends c redenc e to the pos s ibility that c onc eptual m etaphor m ay play s om e role in idiom c om prehens ion. I’m not c onvinc ed at all, however, s inc e this c ould res ult from m ere lexic al affiliations -- indeed, if c onc eptual m etaphors are often firs t pos ited on the bas is of linguis tic regularities , and if language us ers are exc eptionally s killed at detec ting and internaliz ing s uc h regularities , it’s entirely pos s ible that thes e “prim ing” effec ts are only the res ult of learned s tatis tic al as s oc iations . https://docs.g oog 1DCoGO8_NTFT0ixjatRh_FeWYxb7bTvmPty6RQIKYKfw 1/2 3/19/13 COGS 101C - SRS 7 - Sample Solutions Publis hed by Google Drive – Report Abus e – Updated automatic ally every 5 minutes https://docs.g oog 1DCoGO8_NTFT0ixjatRh_FeWYxb7bTvmPty6RQIKYKfw 2/2...
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