COGS 101C - SRS 10 - Sample Solutions

In thre e se nte nce s ide ntify one e xpe rime nt

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Unformatted text preview: shape s thought? In thre e se nte nce s, ide ntify one e xpe rime nt that you found unconv incing, brie fly de scribe the me thod and the re sult, and e xplain why you don't think it ne ce ssarily supports linguistic re lativ ity. (Ev e n if you are comple te ly conv ince d by all of the e xpe rime nts de scribe d by Boroditsky, it's good practice to think critically about why *othe r* pe ople might be unconv ince d.) The res ult des c ribed in Q2 leaves m e unc onvinc ed--that is , a partic ipant’s c hoic e of an arrow that was oriented “the s am e” s eem s to pattern after the fram e of referenc e prefered by the...
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