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The weaker linguis tic relativis m s ays that

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Unformatted text preview: thoughts we have. The weaker linguis tic relativis m s ays that language c an s hape or influenc e thought, but does not nec es s arily determ ine the lim its of thought. Q2: Choose one domain (e .g. space , time , e tc) and de scribe one e xpe rime nt that le nds cre de nce to linguistic re lativ ity. In two or thre e se nte nce s, de scribe the me thod, the re sults, and why the se re sults fav or linguistic re lativ ity. Speakers of Tz eltal favor an abs olute fram e of referenc e in s peec h, while s peakers of Dutc h favor a relative fram...
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