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E either abs olute or relative w hile this s hows a c

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Unformatted text preview: partic pant’s language (i.e. either abs olute or relative). W hile this s hows a c orrelation between language and thought, it does not s how c aus ation; indeed, both language and thought m ay be s haped by s om e other elem ent of c ulture, like s c hooling or literac y or oc c upation. Moreover, I’m worried that as king partic ipants to pic k an arrow “like the one they s aw before” is s o obvious ly am biguous that it invites pragm atic reas oning about what the experim enter wants to s ee--and that this judgm ent, not s patial reas oning per s e, is s haped by the language’s prefered fram e of referenc e. Publis hed by Google Drive – Report Abus e – Updated automatic ally every 5 minutes https://docs.g oog 1u7yw9M - Lomn_WNmk3cfy6XEg - E0h7M tM AHuvuGfXseg 1/1...
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