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De scribe why the ne w information from the se studie

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Unformatted text preview: scribe why the ne w information from the se studie s was important for the discussion of linguistic re lativ ism (1 se nte nce ). The overall purpos e was to exam ine the effec t of egoc entric and geoc entric fram es of referenc e within a c om m unity who predom inantly us es geoc entric language when there was a s ingle c orrec t res pons e to the tas k. Previous work had only exam ined this in am biguous tas ks where the partic ipant had to “gues s ” at what the experim enter was wanting and c ould default to the viewpoint that they had m ore experienc e with; therefore, this did not tes t abs olute ability with eac h of the fram es of referenc e. Q3. Summariz e the thre e main findings of the article as a whole (not e ach e xpe rime nt indiv idually) (1 se nte nce for e ach of the main findings). One finding is that the Ts eltal s peakers m ay rely on egoc entric fram es of referenc e when the tas k lends its elf m ore eas ily to this type of s patial reas oning, rather than s tric tly relying on the geoc entric fram e of referenc e as was previous ly as s ert...
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