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Children typic ally begin language learning with

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Unformatted text preview: y this age . Children typic ally begin language learning with unpars ed adult expres s ions (term ed “holophras es ”). Beginning around 18 m onths old, c hildren begin c om bining 2 words /phras es in s ys tem atic patterns (c alled “pivot s c hem as ”). Children at this age are beginning to c reate linguis tic c ategories but aren’t quite able to us e novel words in new s c hem as . By 2 years old, c hildren are able to appropriately res pond to s entenc es with revers ible trans itive s entenc es . Q4. Characte riz ation of the language of childre n 2 – 4 ye ars old: Prov ide 2 e xample s of linguistic skills that childre n (2-4 ye ars) typically hav e acquire d by this age . Language revolves m ainly around the s pec ific verbs or predic ate form s (duri...
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