COGS 101C - SRS 14a - Sample Solutions

This as s um ption allows generativis ts to us e form

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Unformatted text preview: th. This as s um ption allows generativis ts to us e form al adult-like gram m ars to des c ribe c hildren’s language abilities . Q2. T he se cond of the two main classe s of the orie s is calle d Cognitiv e -Functional Linguistics (or Usage -Base d Linguistics). In 1-2 se nte nce s de scribe how this the ory accounts for language acquisition. Thes e theories hold that the es s enc e of language is that it’s s ym bolic , and gram m ar is derivative. Children are thought to ac quire all the regular as pec ts of langauge as well as the irregular as pec ts of language by the s am e learning m ec hanis m s . Q3. Characte riz ation of childre n’s e arlie st language : Prov ide 2 e xample s of linguistic skills that childre n (le ss than 2 ye ars) typically hav e acquire d b...
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