COGS 101C - SRS 14a - Sample Solutions

W e are s upplying s am ple res pons es s o that you

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Unformatted text preview: e are s upplying s am ple res pons es s o that you c an c hec k your unders tanding of the readings . Below is a s am ple res pons e that would rec eive full points , and that als o ac c urately reflec ts the c ontent of the readings . If you are uns ure about one of your ans wers , talk to the TAs or Prof. Bergen during offic e hours or dis c us s ion s ec tion. Q1. T he re are two main classe s of the orie s pre se nte d in this pape r with re gards to language acquisition. T he first one is calle d Chomskian ge ne rativ e grammar. In 1-2 se nte nce s de scribe how this the ory accounts for acquisition. Ac quis ition c ons is ts of 2 proc es s es : ac quiring all the words , idiom s , and quirks of the language the c hild is expos ed to and als o linking the expos ure language to the c ore princ iples that Chom s ky c laim s all c hildren c om e “pre-wired” wi...
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