COGS 101C - SRS 15 - Sample Solutions

In one se nte nce de scribe at le ast one of the se

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Unformatted text preview: one se nte nce , de scribe (at le ast one of) the se diffe re nce s. In a se cond se nte nce , giv e one re ason why the authors think this diffe re nce is inte re sting (e .g. que stions it raise s about acquisition, conce ptual primitiv e s, spatial re asoning, e tc). Englis h has the words that c ontras t between tight c ontainm ent and loos e s upport (“on” and “in”), while Korean c ontras ts between tight c ontainm ent and loos e c ontainm ent (“kkita” and “nohta”). The authors wonder if learning to m ake thes e dis tinc tions in language c an lead to las ting c hanges in the s alienc e of thes e...
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