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Q2 t he authors conclude our e xpe rime nts sugge st

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Unformatted text preview: s patial relations . Q2: T he authors conclude , "Our e xpe rime nts sugge st that the diffe re nce be twe e n tight and loose containme nt is salie nt around 9 months of age but be come s le ss salie nt as English spe ake rs le arn the ir se mantic syste m" (p. 254). What e v ide nce do the authors hav e for this claim? (one -two se nte nce s) The authors us ed a preferential looking paradigm , where a s eries of fam iliariz ation of pic tures were pres ented that all s howed the s am e s patial relation (e.g. tight c ontainm ent) followed by pic tures of both the s am e and the different relation. All infants looked longer at the novel s patial relation, but only Korean adults did, s ugges ting that the relation is les s s alient for s peakers of Englis h, perhaps bec aus e it is...
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