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Q3 t he authors conclude t he re sults add to the

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Unformatted text preview: n’t enc oded in their language. Q3: T he authors conclude , "T he re sults add to the growing body of data showing that infants conce ptualiz e containme nt and support re lations we ll be fore language is acquire d" (p. 250). In one or two se nte nce s, e xplain one implication of this for language acquisition. One im plic ation is that language ac quis ition does n’t happen from a blank s late. If Mc Donough and c olleagues are c orrec t, then learning a language involves determ ining whic h s patial relations are enc oded by that language, but the various prim itive s patial relations are already in plac e before language ac quis ition. Publis hed by Google Drive – Report Abus e – Updated automatic ally every 5 minutes https://docs.g oog 13WeIHA0IpxWOBlg M CNByC1afXp7ufaOEhQteu2GpPlw 1/1...
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