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290 linguistic categories and structures are moreor

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Unformatted text preview: there were kissing styrofoam ducks. Animals in a row 2 Relative Absolute Animals in a row 2—results   Relative bias produced Dutch ­like results   Absolute bias produced Tenejapan ­ like results   It seems that environment (and not just language) affects spatial reasoning Animals in a row—discussion   There are other ways in which populations can differ, aside from language   Geography   Schooling   Is there reason to believe it’s language, and not other factors that result in different ways of reasoning about space?   That is, which is it?   Language  ­> Thought   Culture  ­> Thought  ­> Language Strong claims from Li & Gleitman   “all languages are broadly similar” (p. 266)   “Linguistic systems are merely the formal and expressive medium that speakers devise to describe their mental representations” (p. 290)   “linguistic categories and structures are more ­or ­ less straightforward mappings from a preexisting conceptual space, programmed into...
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