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Physical landmarks seem to make a dierence on what

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Unformatted text preview: (Brown & Levinson, 1993) Animals in a row   But the Dutch and Tenejapans were tested in different places (in a lab versus outside in the village)   Li & Gleitman (2002) replicated with English speakers (at U Penn) in three conditions   Inside, blinds down   Inside, blinds up   Outside   If location matters, then English speakers should act more like the Dutch indoors (Relative) and more like the Tenejapans outdoors (Absolute) Animals in a row—results Original study   New study With blinds down, ppts acted like Dutch, but with blinds up and outdoors they somewhat more (but not exactly) like Tenejapans (Li & Gleitman, 2002) Animals in a row 2   Physical landmarks seem to make a difference on what frame of reference people use   If so, manipulation of whether landmarks are relatively or absolutely consistent should affect spatial reasoning   So Li & Gleitman replicated the experiment indoors, with blinds up. Also,...
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