Lecture 2

Categories how do the categories that ground word

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Unformatted text preview: if you could come up with necessary and sufficient conditions for one person, they’d be different for the next person. So categories are based not on objective properties of things, but on subjective interpretations. Categories   If categories aren’t based on objective necessary and sufficient properties, where do they come from? Categories   How do the categories that ground word meaning actually work? Categories   What’s this? thing plant tree palm tree date palm Categories   What’s this? thing animal vertebrate mammal dog collie Lassie Categories   The thing is, not all levels of category are equal Superordinate level Basic level Subordinate level thing animal vertebrate mammal thing plant dog tree collie Lassie palm tree date palm Categories   The basic level is special   Highest level of distinctive and shared actions   Highest level of perceived overall shape and single mental               image Learned earlier Shorter name Most freque...
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