Lecture 2

Prototypes of categories pig prototypes as part of

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Unformatted text preview: nded to less prototypical instances than the reverse. Other prototype types Typical example reference ­point reasoning, categorization   Stereotype judgment, categorization   Ideal case evaluation and analogy   Paragon exemplar evaluation and analogy   Salient example generalization, categorization   Prototypes   What prototypicality tells us   Prototypes can differ from person to person, so meaning may vary with the individual   People seem to use prototypes for various cognitive tasks   How exactly are prototypes represented and used? Prototypes of categories [pIg] Prototypes as part of categories [pIg] Exemplar ­based prototypicality Prototype summary   Whichever model is right, the relationships we have to categories, and the language we use to identify them, show prototype effects   Prototypes sometimes are the product of frequency of exposure, which shows how important experience is to meaning.   But sometimes prototypicality isn’t transparently based on raw s...
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