Lecture 2

Whats more individual dierences in experience produce

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Unformatted text preview: nt reference Entities more readily named at this level Greater cultural significance Entities remembered more easily Used in neutral contexts Categories   The basic level has these properties for reasons related to human interaction (perception, action, etc.), not due to objective features   The level that’s most useful to the human, because it’s the most general category level with the most shared interaction ­relevant information is privileged.   What’s more, individual differences in experience produce differences in categorization Prototypicality [pIg] Prototypes   Ways to measure prototypicality   Direct rating         Prototypical instances rated “better” category members Reaction time Prototypical instances identified more quickly as category members Production of examples Prototypical instances produced first and more frequently across ppts Asymmetry in similarity ratings Non ­prototypical instances are rated as more like prototypical instances than the reverse. Asymmetry in generalization Facts about a prototypical instance are more likely to be exte...
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