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Lecture 3

Construal there are dierent known dimensions or

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Unformatted text preview: ary according to context in some substantial ways and in subtle ways Construal       Words refer to mental representations of things or categories of things Because meaning is about your internal representation of the world, you can use different language to identify different conceptualizations of the world, even when the world itself as described is identical Assigning an interpretation to an entity, state, relation, or event is called construal, and often times the same things in the world can be construed differently. Construal   There are different known dimensions (or components) of construal Components of construal   Things are construed in terms of a frame of reference   spare vs. deprive   death tax vs. estate tax   shell ­shock vs. post ­traumatic stress disorder   the waiter vs my brother   fetus vs unborn baby   rational vs. heartless Components of construa...
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