Lecture 3

Language and cognition perspective and distance

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Unformatted text preview: in their bodies in the world, which words evoke.   People act, perceive, and experience emotions in the real world   They create mental traces of these experiences.   Language use reactivates these traces A cognitive science of meaning   People using language activate mental representations of the described content that include a lot of perceptual and motor detail. “elephant” “elephant” “There was an elephant at the zoo” elephant at Action ­sentence compatibility 370 360 Sent. Away 350 340 Sent. Toward 330 nF(1,51)=4.31; p<0.05 320 Away Toward Response Direction Bergen, B. & K. Wheeler. 2010. Grammatical aspect and mental simulation. Brain & Language. Organization of the motor strip foot hand mouth (Per Brodal 1998) During motor language foot hand mouth (Tettamanti et al. 2005) Perceptual representations NEAR SENTENCE FAR SENTENCE You are l...
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