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Meaning and multiple senses pig meaning and multiple

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Unformatted text preview: ng with the world   Basic level effects   Prototype effects Meaning and multiple senses I came home to find a pig in my living room. Meaning and multiple senses [pIg] Meaning and multiple senses   Is “pig” one word or two (or three)?   Words seem to be able to have multiple senses (see prototypes)   Is that what’s going on here? Polysemy and more   Polysemy: a word has multiple, related senses that people know   ring (wedding vs. boxing)   Homonymy: two unrelated words have the same form (spelling or sound)   saw (see vs. tool)   Vagueness: a word has a broad, nonspecific meaning that can be specified in context   bright (as in light) But it’s hard in practice   How do we determine when we're looking at two related senses of a word and when we have to different words? Consider:   The banks of the river were muddy.   I just deposited that check at the bank.   I go...
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