Lecture 3

She put chicken on her plate dierent conceptual

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Unformatted text preview: t tired of high interest rates so I got myself an online bank   You should donate some blood to the blood bank   How many senses are there above? Is this polysemy, homonymy, ambiguity? Some food for thought   The same word can denote different states of the category   She woke up to see chickens in her yard.   She put chicken on her plate.   Different conceptual categories that are members of the same superordinate category   A butter knife vs. a carving knife   Types and subtypes   There were a bunch of cows in the field.   To make calves, you need both cows and bulls. Figurative food for thought   Different aspects of the same frame (metonymy)   The New York Times is heavy on Sundays.   The New York Times employs hundreds of writers.   I found 4 mistakes in The New York Times this week.   Different conceptual categories that are metaphorically related   The sun is hot vs. The movie star is hot. Polysemy summary   Polysemy is important because it speaks to word meaning   The senses of a word need not have a single set of common properties   The meaning contributions of words v...
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