Lecture 4

And vice versa eg multiple embedding of rcs chomskyan

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Unformatted text preview: stipulations into your theory that basically recapitulate these causal factors. Chomskyan Grammar problems 3.  Syntax is modular, i.e. it does not depend on any other aspects of language   We'll see some evidence against this, in particular ▪  grammar can carry its own meaning ▪  there’s no clear line between words and grammar Chomskyan Grammar problems 4.  Language is modular, i.e. it does not depend on any other cognitive systems   We've already seen evidence against this in the realm of meaning   We’ll see more on grammar—that grammar uses cognitive systems for learning, perceiving, acting, etc. Chomskyan Grammar problems 5.  Although grammaticality ­based theories of grammar can’t account for most of language they can account for the important part, the core, and there is a qualitative distinction between core [universal] & peripheral [language ­specific] grammar   If you assume that only core grammar is worthy of linguistic study, you miss out on something like 90% of grammar.   Strangely, core and peripheral grammar are very similar in their patterning, acquisition, and behavior. Must just be coincidence. Chomskyan Grammar problems 6.  What people actually say and accept as grammatical or meaningful is variable and not predictable on the basis of grammaticality ­based generative grammars. So competence is distinct from performance   In many contexts, the distinction between language knowledge, competence, and language behavior, performance, is a reasonable distinction, e.g. speech errors   But in practice, it is used to shield grammatical theory from actual language use. Sentences can be deemed grammati...
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