Lecture 4

In fact in principle theres an innite number of

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Unformatted text preview: about, build models of, and measure external manifestations of the mind Language has since been embraced as one as the major areas of cognitive science Chomsky and grammar   Chomsky argued that the best way to understand grammar and the mind was in terms of computation   Develop formal computational models of grammar   Make the study of language more rigorous Chomsky and Grammar   Chomsky observed   There are more grammatical sentences than can be listed, due to the compositionality of language.   In fact, in principle, there's an infinite number of grammatical utterances.   And you know whether strings you’ve never heard before are grammatical or not   So what people know must not be the sentence forms themselves, but some simpler set of rules that they use to produce the sentences   He built an analogy between symbolic programming and grammar   In programming, you have general operations or rules   They operate over variables   Variables can be filled by specific types of structures Chomsky and Grammar   So what you know about grammar would be   Words         kids, meals, eat, hungry, big Categories of those words (parts of speech) N : kids, meals V : eat Adj : hungry, big Rules for combining them into bigger units NP  ­> (Adj) N VP  ­> V (NP) S  ­> NP VP When you apply rules to generate strings, you get grammatical sentences and not ungrammatical ones This is what you know about grammar Aspects of Chomskyan Grammar   Language is a Generative system, which produces grammatical utterances and not ungrammatical utterances.   I love my good monkey.   *I monkey my love good.   Grammaticality has nothing to do with meaning   Colorless green ideas sleep furiously is grammatical but not meaningful   Monkey funny might be meaningful but not grammatical Aspects of Chomskyan Grammar   Where does this generative system come from?   Chomsky argues that it can’t be learned because of the poverty of the stimulus   The linguistic input kids get underdetermines the right grammar they should end up with   But they end up with the right grammar   So they must have built in knowledge or learning biases...
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