Lecture 7

Novel metaphorical expressions are interpreted in

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Unformatted text preview: le think about the target domain in terms of the source domain   Maybe when they’re just thinking about a target domain, they think about it in terms of the source domain   Alternatively, it could be that metaphorical language is just about similarity between two things (the Aristotelian view) Unidirectionality   Metaphorical cross ­domain mappings are unidirectional   You can describe progress as motion along a path The economy is going through a rough patch.   But not vice versa ? The car is going through a recession. (meaning: the car is going through a rough patch) Novel expressions   Some novel expressions   The stimulus package was supposed to slap a jetpack on the back of the housing market.   We’re stuck so deep in this recession that we need to find a wormhole to get out of it.   Just when the recovery looked like it was on track, the private sector ran into the invisible force ­field of government regulation.   Novel metaphorical expressions are interpreted in terms of the same, systematic mappings that conventional ones are Recap of metaphor’s properties   A couple interesting things about metaphor •  Systematic (more is always up, and less is never up) •  Talks about abstract things (the target domain) as though they were concrete things (the source domain) •  Unidirectional (up is never more) •  At work in novel metaphorical expressions (stock prices are weighed down by the anchor of unemployment) The Conceptual Metaphor view   Conceptual metaphor theory (Lakoff 1993)   Views metaphor as principally a conceptual phenomenon, with linguistic manifestations   Distinguishes between ▪  metaphorical linguistic expressions, the linguistic expressions (words and sentences) that are used ▪  conceptual metaphors, connections in people's minds between the two conceptual domains. ...
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