Lecture 7

The recovery is stuck in the brambles of political

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Unformatted text preview: or: Using language that primarily denotes concrete things to describe more abstract things   Yank the economy out of the recession. Bring the deficit down.   Metonymy: Using language that primarily denotes one thing to refer to a related thing   The cowboy hat wants two pretzels. The chief wants three strong backs.   Fictive motion: Using language that primarily denotes motion to describe spatial configurations   The crack runs all the way across the windshield. A closer look   Some examples   The economy is well on its way to recovery.   The recovery has hit a rough patch.   What we need is another stimulus package to get us going in the right direction.   The recovery is stuck in the brambles of political squabbling.   House republicans are spinning their wheels.   We all agree we have to return to economic growth, we just don’t agree on the best way to get there. Abstract and concrete   Some other examples of metaphors   MORE IS UP Prices rose, fell, soared, dropped, sky ­rocketed   AFFECTION IS WARMTH He’s a warm/cold/frigid person   SOCIETY IS A CONTAINER cast out of society, fell through the cracks, drawn back into society   MORAL IS CLEAN Got his hands dirty, kept his nose clean Mapping metaphor SOURCE DOMAIN TARGET DOMAIN locations states destinations goals forward motion progress impediments difficulties Directed motion Purposeful activities There’s a systematic mapping between the two domains (goals are never impediments, difficulties are never forward motion) Conceptual Metaphor?   Maybe people not only talk about abstract things as though they were concrete things; perhaps they think this way as well   Maybe when they’re using metaphorical language, peop...
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