Lecture 8

But an alternative explanation is that its just

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Unformatted text preview:   unrelated words (e.g. lead)   prediction: only metaphorical idioms will show priming (faster RT) Results 1200 1000 * 800 Related Target Unrelated Target 600 400 200 0 Met. Idiom Lit. Paraphrase Control Responses to related targets significantly faster than responses to unrelated targets, but only following metaphorical idioms (p < 0.001). Analysis   This seems to show that metaphorical idioms prime words related to the source domain.   But an alternative explanation is that it’s just lexical priming.   Namely, the words blow his stack are connected to the word heat, so reading blow his stack leads to faster reactions to heat. Lexical vs conceptual priming lexical priming blow stack heat Lexicon/Constructicon conceptual priming CLEAN CHIMNEY HEAT ANGER Concepts Analysis   To test this, a control study: the final sentence used a metaphorical idiom literally John and Fred were chimney sweepers. They worked on the big chimneys in large factories. They would scrape the insides with long poles. To remove the debris when they were done, they would ▪  blow the stack. (literal use of idiom) ...
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