Lecture 8

However some caveats doesnt imply that cms are

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Unformatted text preview:   vacuum the dirt. (literal paraphrase) ▪  get a big truck. (control phrase)   If the priming is just lexical, then literal uses should prime just like the metaphorical idiom uses do Results of control study 1200 1000 800 Related Target Unrelated Target 600 400 200 0 Met. Idiom   No significant effects Lit. Paraphrase Control Gibbs et al. (1997) conclusions   Findings   Conceptual metaphors can under some circumstances be accessed during idiom comprehension.   We know this because reading a metaphorical idiom leads language users to activate the relevant source domain.   However, some caveats:   Doesn’t imply that CMs are automatically accessed each time an idiom is processed   Doesn’t imply that idiom comprehension depends on activating conceptual metaphors Further   So you access the source domain when processing metaphorical language.   Does that use of the source domain affect the way you think about the target domain? Boroditsky (2000)   If a target domain task is ambiguous, then you might be primed to perform it in one way or the other by first performing a biasing source domain task.   Research question: Does source domain reasoning prime target domain reasoning (but not vice versa)?   More specifically: Does activati...
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