Lecture 8

That conceptual metaphors motivate or underlie

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Unformatted text preview: bilities through introspection or linguistic analysis •  Instead, we need ways to probe what language users are doing over the course of producing or processing language •  In other words, online experimental methods Sure, but…   What does it mean that conceptual metaphors “motivate” or “underlie” metaphorical expressions— what’s the cognitive reality of metaphor?   Some possibilities, from strongest to weakest:   People mentally activate conceptual metaphors whenever they think about an abstract domain   They do so when they produce or process metaphorical expressions   They do so only when consciously analyzing expressions Gibbs et al. (1997)   Research question do people quickly access conceptual metaphors each time they encounter a metaphorical idiom in discourse?   How to test this   Manipulate texts that ppts read. They contain ▪  metaphorical idioms (e.g. he blew his stack) ▪  literal paraphrases (e.g. he got angry) ▪  control sentences (e.g. he saw many dents).   Measure reaction time (RT) to words ▪  source domain words (e.g. heat) ▪...
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