Lecture 6

Away john is opening the drawer towards they make

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Unformatted text preview: as closing the door.   He closed the door.   Then see a picture that depicted the event   a door being closed [ongoing]   a door completely closed [completed]   Faster responses to completed ­state pictures following perfect sentences Progressive   Ppts read sentences denoting motion away from the body or toward the body (Glenberg & Kaschak 2002)   John is closing the drawer. [away]   John is opening the drawer. [towards]   They make sensibility judgments, moving their hand towards or away from their body.   The motion described by the sentence is compatible or incompatible with the one they perform The Action ­Sentence Compatibility Effect ACE   Quicker response movements when the two actions are in the same direction   Shows that action execution and motor language understanding share neurocognitive mechanisms Progressive (Bergen & Wheeler, 2010)   Manipulated aspect between ppts   Perfect: John has opened/closed the drawer.   Prog: John is opening/closing the drawer.   Also included abstract sentences:   Perfect: John has sent/received the email.   Prog: John is sending/receiving the email.   Prediction: More simulated action in progressive than perfect condition for concrete sentences. Aspect results Mean RT (msec) 450 430 410 390 * * Compatible Incompatible 370 350 330 Progressive Perfect Aspect Aspect discussion   Perfect aspect highlights the endstate of a described event   Progressive aspect highlights the nucleus of the action itself   This is a contribution to meaning that is of a higher order than basic meaning contributions like event type; it operates over other meanings Person   Lots of languages have personal pronouns (you, he, etc.)   Mental representations of events can take a particular perspective (Nigro and Neisser 1983)   Participant perspective: experience the event as though it were happening t...
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