Lecture 16

correct responses 7 learning grammatical patterns

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Unformatted text preview: enes as they unfolded, all used novel verbs and construction   “SOV ­o” e.g., the king the ball moopo ­ed.   All nonsense verbs had the nonsense suffix –o attached.   The construction could be said to designate a scene of appearance. Learning grammatical patterns   Conditions   Balanced condition: 5 different novel verbs (4 ­4 ­4 ­2 ­2).   High token frequency condition: the same 5 novel verbs (8 ­2 ­2 ­2 ­2).   No ­training condition: no training phase at all.   Then tested to see if they had learned anything about the construction’s semantics   Forced choice comprehension task – saw two scenes simultaneously and were asked to choose which best matched the description they heard.   Heard the same novel construction with new novel verbs that had not been used in the training conditions.   They had to choose between a new scene of appearance and some other scene that involved a related action. # correct responses (/7) Learning grammatical patterns F(2, 78)=23.29; p <.001.     Undergrads can learn new constructions quickly! They learn faster when one word...
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