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the king the ball moopoed all nonsense verbs had the

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Unformatted text preview: ds to occur with very high frequency for each VL go get fall, come look, live VOL put get take do, pick 31% (16/51) 16% 10% 6% Child   54% (121/224) 6% 5% 4% each Most freq in VOO give give give give tell give % of Tokens 53% (59/112) 36% (4/11) 43% (29/67) 43% (69/160) 32% (11/34) 29% (10/34) # of Verb Types 13 5 12 13 8 Adam Eve Sarah Ross Mark Learning grammatical patterns   Do high frequency word ­construction pairings facilitate the acquisition of grammatical constructions?   Ppts (first undergrads, then 5 ­7 ­year ­olds) saw a short film consisting of 16 scenes acted out by puppets. Each film clip depicted a scene of appearance   E.g. a dot appeared on the queen’s nose, a rabbit appeared in a hat   They listened to descriptions of the sc...
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