Lecture 16

Children dont much before age 3 entrenchment dont

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Unformatted text preview: appears with high frequency in the construction. # correct responses (/7) Learning grammatical patterns F(2, 48)=11.57, p < .001     Kids can learn new constructions quickly, too They, too learn faster when one word appears with high frequency in the construction. Learning grammatical patterns   Why would high ­frequency verbs help construction ­learning?   What kinds of high frequency words would be most helpful for construction learning? (Think about the meanings of those words.)   Are high ­frequency words necessary to construction learning? Learning grammatical patterns   People can learn to use grammatical constructions that are unlike anything in any other language   They can do so quickly when there’s a clear meaning associated with the construction   About the mechanism: they seem to rely on particular frequent words in those constructions; so this generalization process is piecemeal, too Limits to generalization   How do you know what to generalize?   In principle, there’s an infinite number of ways you could generalize over utterance ­specific knowledge,   But only a limited set afford successful language use I gave $20 to the candidate : I gave the candidate $20 I contributed $20 to the candidate : *I contributed the candidate $20 Limits to generalization   Conservatism Don’t generalize much. (Children don’t much before age 3.)   Entren...
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