Lecture 16

Goldberg casenheiser and sethuraman 2004 three

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Unformatted text preview: multiword phrases   Identifying systematic differences   Hypothesizing a new, more general construction that shares common properties and replaces variable ones slots Generalizing Z L-verb X Y love shoes mama icecream like school I L-verb Z I love X I love shoes I love mama I like Y I like icecream I like school Generalizing   Once you have general, or abstract linguistic constructions, you can put them to use   Producing or processing familiar utterances (unlikely?)   Producing or processing novel utterances (more likely)   Making inferences about meanings of novel verbs (also likely)   Making more generalizations Learning grammatical patterns   How do children learn grammatical constructions? (Goldberg, Casenheiser, and Sethuraman; 2004)   Three possibilities   They know them already (innateness)   They generalize from the patterns of verbs they know, regardless of the fre...
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